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Overhead Crane Operator Training

This course equips participants with a basic understanding of industry regulations and standards when working with overhead cranes.

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Overhead Crane Training

Many worksites will require practical, site- specific training (in addition to theory training) before a worker is certified to operate machinery. NATT Safety suggests that participants take a valid Basics of Rigging Fundamentals course prior to taking Overhead Crane.


4 hours theory + practical

Course Topics

  • Legislation 

  • Crane Types & Components

  • Inspection

  • Overhead Crane Signals

  • Controls

  • Operating Procedures

  • Planning a Lift

PPE Requirements: Hard Hat, Steel Toed Boots, Gloves


B167.16 – Overhead cranes, gantry cranes, monorails, hoists, and jib cranes

The crane or hoist owner shall be ultimately responsible for the policies, procedures, and personnel related to the use and maintenance of this equipment, including
a) orientation;
b) training;
c) occupational health and safety;
d) protocols for testing, inspections, maintenance, and monitoring, including timings;
e) risk assessment; and
f) emergency management.

Note: Within the scope of these responsibilities, the owner may delegate individuals, departments, or third party firms to carry out defined functions and activities on his or her behalf.

Overhead Crane Training is required by Occupational Health and Safety. OHS Regulations state that any worker who is required to operate an overhead crane is trained in its safe use. The course curriculum reviews applicable requirements under the Construction Regulation 213/91 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Ontario R.R.O 1990, Regulation 854 Mines and Mining Plants.

Who Requires this Training

  • Any person operating an overhead crane

Course Benefits

NATT Safety Services’ Overhead Crane Training program covers safety protocols for workers required to operate an overhead crane.

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