Offices: Lively ON, Ottawa ON, Espanola ON


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98 Fielding Road
Lively, ON
Toll Free 1.866.244.3334
Fax 705-682-2202

Mark Arnold, Vice President, Ext. 110 Cell: 705-561-4644

John Roberts, Corporate Safety Manager Ext. 104 Cell: (705) 562-1314

Sarah Samson, Indigenous Relations Manager, 
Ext. 119 Cell: 705-618-2983

Brent Wisniewski, Corporate Account Manager, Ext. 120 Cell: 705-562-0613

Ashley Smith, Operations Manager, Recruiting/ Scheduling, Ext. 105 Cell: 705-507-3225

Kenley Lampman, Business Development & Project Manager, Ext. 208 Cell: 705-561-3104

Sue Pelletier, Field Supervisor 
Cell: 705-840-3494


90 Gray Street, Unit 3
Espanola, ON

705.682.3362 Ext 900

Lisa Richer, Office Manager, Ext. 900, Cell: 705-280-5560

Kenley Lampman, Business Development & Project Manager, Ext. 208, Cell: 705-561-3104


1725 St-Laurent Blvd, Unit 220 
Ottawa, ON

Luc Tremblay, General Manager, Ext. 301, Cell: 613-371-1329

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