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Fire Watch

This training equips participants to identify and assess hazards that can give rise to fires.

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Fire Watch

The Fire Watch training program is designed to provide participants with knowledge and information necessary to perform fire watch duties.


1-2 hours

Course Topics 

  • Legislation and Standards

  • Employer and Worker Responsibilities

  • Safe Work Practices

  • Fire Watch Planning

  • Steps of Fire Response (What to do in the event of a fire)

  • Types of Extinguishers, Agents, and Classification

  • Types of Fires, Classifications, and Behaviours  

  • Operation and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Watch Duties

Who Requires this Training

  • Any construction or industrial site engaged in “hot work”, namely work processes that can produce a source of ignition such as a spark or open flame, must implement a hot work management program including the provision of fire watchers.


Employers and their employees are required Fire Watch training as per the OH&S ACT: Obligations of Employers, Workers, etc. s. 2(1)-(5), Existence of Imminent Danger s. 35(1)-(2), General Protection of Workers s. 13(1)-(4), and Duties of Workers s. 14(1)-(2).

Course Benefits

This training equips participants to identify and assess hazards that can give rise to fires. Most important to the participant will be a focused discussion on specific efforts they can introduce in their workplaces to prevent the potential for fires and related explosions and when necessary, the steps needed to respond to fires and explosions.

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