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Rope Rescue Instructor Recertification

Rope Rescue Instructor Recertification

Rope Rescue Instructor Recertification

NATT Safety Services’ Rope Rescue Instructor just completed his Re-Certification with the best industry standards and equipment so that our customers will receive the most up-to-date training and service.

Training with Fire Departments, Paramedics, Industrial and Ontario Power Generation workers. Everyone training to ensure a unified rescue ends with success!

Practicing rescuing a worker that has fallen over the edge and were saved by their Working at Height equipment……do you have a rescue plan, training and equipment if this happens?

Can your company get your worker off their lanyard while they are hanging on it? This is an emergency, let NATT Safety Services train your staff and supervisors how to do it right!

If your worker has a medical emergency at height, whether it be on a roof, from a bridge, from a 300’ crane or on top of a catwalk in an industrial setting. Can you lower your injured worker safely?

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    Requesting level1 rescue training

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