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Safety + Training
Industrial Services

Discover how NATT Safety Services can help you obtain the training you need, or provide your organization with the industrial and safety services you require.


We are committed to providing quality training and supplying companies with the best-trained, qualified employees.


Highly trained confined space/ rescue teams can be deployed with a crew and proper equipment to your site for shutdowns, or for contract/ full /part-time work.


We can provide complete safety audits as well as on-site consulting, management and facilitation of safety talks, presentations, etc. depending on your needs.


Safety + Rescue Training

We are proud of the safety and rescue training we provide to our many students. We not only have theory training, but an in-house training simulator which allows us to train for real-life situations.


Our Working at Heights program is CPO Approved.


Training is done in our in-house training simulator.


Check out our various first responder training, CPR and first aid.


We have several options available online.

View our Safety Training Available 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Thank you for coming to our Kapuskasing facility to provide Confined Space Rescue and Fall Protection to our staff. Your professionalism in these two subjects is second to none and we would recommend your services to any general contractor as well as Capital Power Facilities in the province.

Ian Kowalski

Capital One

The NATT Fall Arrest Program was very informative and your trainers had sound knowledge of the theory and principals of the program. The content of the program, the delivery of the program and the information gained is second to none that I have attended in recent years.

Michael A. Murphy

B & D Manufacturing

Jen is an awesome trainer. She’ll kick your butt into shape.

Mel Macleod

training student

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Our Team

We are proud of our amazing team. 

Mark Arnold

General Manager

(705) 682-3362 ext 110
Cell: (705) 561-4644

Jennifer Roy

Divisional Manager

(705) 682-3362 ext 104 Cell: (705) 561-9431

Oliver Koski

Corporate Business Development

(705) 682-3362 ext 116
Cell: (705) 562-0613

Sarah Samson

Sales Centre Manager

(705) 682-3362 ext 119

Ashley Smith

Recruiter/ Scheduler

(705) 682-3362 ext 105
Cell: (705) 507-3225

Janelle Demers

Training Coordinator

(705) 682-3362 ext 117
Cell: (705) 618-2982

Kenley Montgomery

Training Coordinator

(705) 682-3362 ext 200
Cell: (705) 561-3104

Michelle McCendie

Training Coordinator

(705) 682-3362 ext 900
Cell: (705) 280-5560

Anthony Teloka

Field Supervisor

(705) 682-3362 
Cell: (705)-280-6547

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