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Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification

Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification 
Part 1, 2 and Refresher

JHSC Sudbury

Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Part 1, 2 and Refresher
joint health and safety committee certification NATT Safety Services
JHSC Certification Refresher (one day)

Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Part 1

This mandatory course provides participants with an understanding of how to recognize, assess and control workplace hazards, the rights and duties of certified members, and how to conduct effective workplace inspections and incident investigations.


3 days

Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification: Part 2

Focusing on the concepts of recognition, assessment, and control of hazards, and evaluation of the hazard controls, participants learn how to apply these concepts to a minimum of six hazards relevant to their own workplaces. In addition, learners practise drafting action plans and recommendations for the employer.

By the end of the two-day course, participants will:

  • Review material covered in Certification Part 1
  • Understand the hazard-related concept of recognize, assess, control and evaluate (RACE)
  • Understand key hazards specific to the sector
  • Use various tools to help recognize, assess and control hazards, and evaluate hazard controls
  • Understand the role of the Joint Health and Safety Committee in relation to the Internal Responsibility System.

Key hazards in many workplaces include:

  • Repetitive and strenuous work
  • Chemical and physical hazards
  • Contact with machinery
  • Contact with electricity
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Mobile equipment
  • Confined spaces

JHSC Certification Refresher (one day)

Training includes a review of key concepts in Part 1 and 2 of JHSC certification along with updates to legislation, standards, and best practices.

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