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When you train with NATT Safety Services you will be able to access all your valid training records anywhere, anytime, electronically! We are part of the SkillsPass network.


Here are some of the features and benefits for you:

Unique SkillsPass account

Our trainees will be able to sign in to their very own unique SkillsPass account and view, share, or print their valid training records from our company. We will collect your email address and year-of-birth at the time of registration that will create your unique account and enable us to send your valid training certificate to you via email. (YOB is only required for initial account set up; not required for future registration).

Go Digital

SkillsPass issues every worker their own unique QR code in the system. Anyone who scans this code can get a complete picture of that worker’s certifications in real-time. It is printable but also accessible by phone; no more lost wallet cards! Share training records with your Employer or Site Manager with one click at your discretion.

Notifications for re-training

The worker will receive three notifications via email before the certification is set to expire. SkillsPass will send you a reminder at 60 days, 30 days, and 2 weeks before the expiry date, giving you ample time to schedule your re-training with NATT Safety Services.

Mandated CPO-approved training records

Mandated CPO-approved training records are shared via SkillsPass to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, ensuring your compliance. *NATT Safety Services will be offering ALL training programs on SkillsPass.**

SkillsPass: Your Safety Training Certificates in One Place

The Ministry of Labour has officially launched with SkillsPass for Working at Heights (WAH) and Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification training records. The database is called the Certification Management System (CMS) and it is powered by SkillsPass. This database is secure, and meets Ontario Government standards for privacy and security. The Ministry of Labour is no longer printing and mailing CPO training cards – they will now be delivered electronically using SkillsPass.

Get your MOL records here          >>

Easy to Access

When you need to access your records, all you need is your SkillPass QR Code.

Automatically Updated

When you receive a training certification, your profile will show the record automatically so you can share it digitally or print it out.

Get Notifications

When you require re-certification, you will receive notifications to your e-mail, making it easy to keep your training up-to-date.

NATT Safety Services is pleased to offer the SkillsPass integration.

If you need assistance or more details about setting up your SkillsPass account, contact us.


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