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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Brent, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to translate the program for him/me, I really appreciate it. Because WAH is so crucial to their safety I just wanted to make sure he has the best opportunity to take in the information. You have truly gone above and beyond and I will not forget this kindness.
Joan S
The team you sent for the confined space did a great job going the extra mile for us it was much appreciated. The project engineer was happy with the job and said there will be more opportunities in the future. Thanks for the great service.
Rob M
I conducted an audit of this confined space and would like to recognize the professionalism and knowledge of your group.
Mark U.
"Thanks Mark; to you and your entire team, thanks for being available and providing top notch service."
Bradley N.
Gorf Manufacturing / Contracting Ltd.
On Saturday, we took the opportunity to do a simulated rescue from the confined space. I played the part of the casualty and Mika and Mike handled it very well. I was on the domtar ERU for years and the patient care that your rescuers showed was excellent! Their communication to each other as well as to myself was great. I was very pleased. Thank you for providing excellent service!
Dan C
I would just like to reach out to ensure pats -on-the back are administered to the team at 33-FDR-101 for me today. We had a mock rescue that took some challenges to overcome before it was executed flawlessly. I would like to recognize the team for their professionalism, engagement in safety discussion and attitude towards getting it right. Thanks to Sue also for attention to detail with regards to the rescue plan and presence in the field. She is an exemplary safety professional. Keep up the good work.
Scott K

“The team members are well organized. Each instructor brings their own life experience and allows us to learn and gain trust in their staff. The equipment at the facility allows the students to experience real life situations ideal to our work place. Very well done.”

Jason Baingo

“It was a great experience. Training was intense but I learned a lot. How to work safe under pressure.”

Martian Rivard

“This training provided me with many new experiences that created valuable skills to take away. Team building and working in somewhat real-world situations puts your mind in a state to see if you are able to handle it in a controlled situation, as opposed to many other training courses.”

Ben Livingstone

“The instructor is very knowledgeable of the material being taught. I was kept engaged throughout the duration of the course.”

Dan C.

“I really have enjoyed the training. I have picked up numerous skills that I hope I never use but I will be prepared if I do need them. Also, the team has pulled together over the 3 days of training and are working together very well.”

Joseph McCallum

“Great course! Looking forward to more. Thank you!!”

Michael Davis

“I truly enjoyed the skills I learned here. I enjoy the space and the ‘Beast’.”

Amy Knott

Thank you for the experience. I had a great time. I feel confident in helping an individual in need. Keep up the good work.”

Jonathan Knott

“I gained more confidence, seeing as I’m a shy person. Also, gained confidence in my skills.”

Jaimee Vallee

“I found the training we received was amazing. The intensity of the trainer really helped to push me past what I thought I was capable of.”

Alec Aitchison

““Fantastic! Gained lots of confidence.”

Colin Bannink

“Learned a lot even though I was starting fresh. Even learning stuff that wasn’t part of confined space rescue.”

Drew Hack

“I really enjoyed the training. I learned a lot of lifting techniques, wearing SCBA. I’m also interested in other training offered by this facility, such as first responder and higher level of rescue.”

Danny Gosselin

We have contracted NATT to conduct different training requirements as we need here at Sudbury Hydro. From Forklift truck training to confined space training to upgrading our DZ drivers to AZ certified. We found the training to be what we are looking for in detail and the staff is very accomodating in training dates. We will continue to use NATT as one of our training providers.”

Tom King

Sudbury Utilities

Northern Academy continuously strives to ensure workers safety through competent Training, as a Fall Protection / Confined Space consultant for Northern Academy, together we ensure workers are well equipped with the knowledge and use of Fall Protection / Confined Space Equipment in every situation.” 

Shane Burke, Safety Consultant

National Safety Link

The material covered and more importantly, how it was explained, was very helpful.
We both left the course feeling that we had a better grasp on the new legislation and how it pertained to our operation.
Thank You.”


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