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Chainsaw Safety Training

Receive the best Chainsaw Safety Training and be certified in the safe use of a chainsaw.

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Chainsaw Safety Training

The Chainsaw Safety course covers basic chainsaw safety, maintenance & cutting techniques.


2 hours theory + practical

Course Topics 

  • Basic PPE requirements for using a chainsaw
  • Chainsaw Components
  • Chain Adjustment
  • Basic Controls
  • Basic use of a Chainsaw
    • Grip and Hand Holds
    • Starting Methods
    • Cutting Techniques
    • Proper Stance
    • Cutting Dangers

Theory session will be followed with a Practical Exercise where participants demonstrate proper PPE donning, Starting Techniques, Stance and completing actual cuts.


Ontario Law requires that workers be trained in the operation and maintenance of chainsaws. This course was developed based on Canadian federal and provincial legislation, safety standards and industry best practices.

Who Requires this Training

  • Anyone who will operating a chainsaw and does not have the general understanding of operating safely or who needs training with cutting techniques and maintenance.
  •  Municipal workers
  • Landscaping workers

Course Benefits

Successful participants of this course will have an understanding of the basic use of a chainsaw, cutting techniques and dangers, as well as understanding of safety practices and PPE requirements. The practical portion also provides participants with real-life in person training which is important for learning and safety.

Online Chainsaw Training Courses

Chainsaw Safety Training (OSHA)

Chainsaw Safety Training (CAN)

Logging and Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaw Safety Training (OSHA)
Logging and Chainsaw Safety

An OSHA-Compliant Training Class Online for Chainsaw safety. This course covers basic chain saw safety as it relates to tree trimming, disaster clean-up, forestry and more. I-CAB Recognized.

An online basic chainsaw safety training class for Canada compliance. This course covers basic chain saw safety as it relates to tree trimming, disaster clean-up, forestry and more. I-CAB Recognized.

Logging is one of the most hazardous industries in the U.S. Medical costs for chainsaw injuries amount to about $350 million per year in the U.S and every year, a number of loggers are fatally injured on the job. This course addresses the hazards of logging with chainsaws and safety precautions workers need to take to reduce their risk of injury on the job.

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