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Respirator Fit Testing

We provide Quantitative Fit Tests with a Respiratory Protection training program. OHSA
requires annual training regarding respiratory protection and safety. Our program covers
the following required topics:

Respiratory Protection Training Program

 Why respirator use is necessary for worker protection
 How to inspect, don and doff the respirator
 How to perform a seal check
 How to recognize medical signs and symptoms that may limit the use of a
 How to properly maintain and store a respirator
 Record of quantitative fit testing

Procedure to be Followed When Conducting Quantitative Fit Tests

 Each participant must complete the medical screening form, and if required, must
see a healthcare professional for clearance or referral to occupational health.
 Once the medical screen is complete, the training program must be reviewed and
signed by the participant.
 If approved, the quantitative fit test may be conducted.
 A fit test certificate card is issued, with all records remaining at NATT Safety in
case future reference is required.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration –  OSHA –  require employers to fit test workers who must wear  respirators on the job.


Using a properly fit respirator protects your health and safety in the workplace while working at your jobsite.


A fit test, tests the seal between your face and the respirator’s facepiece. It takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete and is performed at least annually.

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