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Postponing Non-Essential Training Due to COVID-19

At NATT Safety Services, a division of TPS Group of Companies, Safety is always our number one priority and we want to ensure our employees and training participants remain healthy and safe. We have been taking appropriate measures to ensure our offices and training facilities are safe for everyone, however, due to significant and continued growth of COVID-19 in…
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COVID-19 Hygiene and Sterilization Procedure

At NATT Safety Services, Safety is always our number one priority and we want to ensure our employees and training participants remain healthy and safe. We are taking appropriate measures to ensure our offices and training facility is safe for everyone and will continue to provide training classes until safety becomes an issue. We will…
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coronavirus prevention

Steps to Prevent Illness

In the recent news, with coronavirus disease spreading we want to remind people of some simple ways to help the spread of the virus. There is no need to panic, but simply avoid being exposed to the virus, and do your best to wash your hands more than often, and stay home when you’re sick.…
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New Mining and Construction Training an Exciting Addition to NATT Safety Services

Several new training programs from NATT Safety Services offers more opportunities for people needing mining and construction training. New training programs including Basic Rigging Fundamentals, 0-8 Ton Crane, Common Core Surface Miner, and a new Fire Extinguisher Simulator training, complement the existing safety training programs offered. “These training programs are a natural fit to our…
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Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

We want you to have a safe and happy holiday season. And with that comes some holiday safety tips. Christmas Tree Safety Tips – Use CSA-certified lights. Inspect lights for cracked bulbs and for frayed, broken or exposed wires before decorating the tree. – Turn off the tree’s lights when you leave your home and…
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ground control mine blasting workshop

New Mining Workshops: Ground Control and Mine Blasting

NATT Safety Services is excited to announce 2 exciting new workshops, to be scheduled for late fall 2019/ early winter 2020. The 2 new workshops will be taught by our instructor Dennis Shannon. The Ground Control workshop is a practical work shop which examines and works with the principles of rock stability in underground mines.…
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forklift training in Sudbury

Forklift Training in Sudbury

Do you require forklift training? NATT Safety Services provides monthly forklift training in Sudbury and includes both theory and practical training. Forklift Training Course Outline Delivery: Theory 3-4 Hours, the Practical demonstration and duration will vary on participant competency and skillset. The NATT Safety Services’ forklift training course provides all participants a general understanding of…
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eyewear protection

7 Best Practices for Eye Protection in the Workplace

Protecting our sight is important, and that includes working safely to ensure we protect our sight. Canada’s Occupational Health & Safety Magazine states that every day in Canada, 700 workers sustain on-the-job eye injuries. That’s a huge amount of injuries and some that may have been avoidable. Follow these tips to protect your eyes and…
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tips for working in the cold

Tips for Working Safely Outside in the Cold

Winter is here and with the extreme cold weather, you need to work safely when working outside in the cold. Make sure to prepare, dress accordingly and follow these tips to work safe. The weather brings various risks and hazards for those who are working outside. The weather can reduce productivity and may cause sickness…
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working at heights training sudbury

Complete Guide to Working at Heights Training

Are you curious about Working at Heights training, who it’s for and what is involved? Many industries and jobs require Working at Heights (WAH) training, especially in the mining, construction and pulp and paper industry. The working at heights training requirements set out in O. Reg. 213/91 came into force on April 1, 2015, requiring…
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