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Forklift Training in Sudbury

Forklift Training in Sudbury

forklift training in Sudbury

Do you require forklift training?

NATT Safety Services provides monthly forklift training in Sudbury and includes both theory and practical training.

Forklift Training Course Outline

Delivery: Theory 3-4 Hours, the Practical demonstration and duration will vary on participant competency and skillset.

The NATT Safety Services’ forklift training course provides all participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of an industrial powered forklift, to help companies comply with OHSA regulations & CSA Standards.

On-Site Forklift Training

If you prefer, our instructors can conduct forklift training at your location in order to customize the course to your facilities environment. Contact us for details.

Forklift Training FAQ’s

How Long is Forklift Training Valid for?

Forklift Certifications are valid for 3 years according to the CSA (Canadian Standards Association). After 3 years, you are required to be re-assessed on both the theory and practical components.

forklift training in Sudbury

What is included in the theory portion of the forklift training?

With the forklift training course at NATT Safety Services, we start with an Introduction including why there is a need for proper training. We cover the Basic Principles of a Forklift, the Importance of a Pre-Operational Check, Safe Operating Procedures, Proper load handling techniques, and then followed by the Practical Training.

For a full course description, see our Forklift Operator Course Outline, or contact us for details.

What is the minimum age requirement to complete forklift training?

The minimum age is 18 years of age.

Why is Forklift Training important?

Forklift training is important in order to provide operators with the proper use and handling instructions and to ensure a safe work environment. Many forklift accidents that occur are the result of driver error.

The practical portion of the forklift training is important to provider operators with real-life experience to better equip them to drive safely and confidently.

Forklift Training Sudbury

If you require your forklift training, or would like to learn more about holding forklift training at your specific location, please contact us for more details.

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