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confined spaces training at NATT Safety Services in Sudbury Ontario

we are committed to adding value to your company while keeping safety as our number one priority

We aim to create and maintain a safe environment for all of our employees, customers and contractors. Our goal is to be the leader in safety training, education and safety services by employing and training the most capable people in the field.

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Our Team

Kevin Pattison

Kevin Pattison, President/ CEO

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Cell: 705-626-7527

Mark Arnold, Vice President

1.866.244.3334 Ext. 110

Cell: 705-561-4644

Peter Faggioni, VP Sales & Marketing


Cell: (705) 

Ashley Smith, Operations Manager 

1.866.244.3334 Ext. 105

Cell: (705) 507-3225

John Roberts, Corporate Safety Manager

1.866.244.3334 Ext. 104

Cell: (705) 562-1314

Theresa Ciammaichella, Manager of Safety Training

1.866.244.3334 Ext. 107

Cell: (705)923-0312

Kenley Lampman, Business Development & Project Manager

1.866.244.3334 Ext. 208

Cell: (705) 561-3104

Christina Clark, Manager of Recruitment

1.866.244.3334 ext 601

Cell: (647) 616-7810

Brent Wisniewski, Corporate Account Manager

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Cell: 705-562-0613

Sarah Samson, Indigenous Relations Manager

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Cell: 705-618-2983

Sue Pelletier, Field Supervisor


Cell: (705)-840-3494

Lisa Richer, Office Manager- Espanola

1.866.244.3334 Ext. 900

Cell: (705) 280-5560

Client Testimonials

“I really have enjoyed the training. I have picked up numerous skills that I hope I never use but I will be prepared if I do need them. Also, the team has pulled together over the 3 days of training and are working together very well.”

Joseph McCallum

“I really enjoyed the training. I learned a lot of lifting techniques, wearing SCBA. I’m also interested in other training offered by this facility, such as first responder and higher level of rescue.”

Danny Gosselin

The material covered and more importantly, how it was explained, was very helpful.
We both left the course feeling that we had a better grasp on the new legislation and how it pertained to our operation.
Thank You.”

Luciano, Consolidated Industrial Products

“Great course! Looking forward to more. Thank you!!”​

Michael Davis

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