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ASERT Fire & Spills

ASERT (Audit/Safety/Emergency/Response/Training)

In 2001, after retiring with 35+ years within the petroleum industry, Harvey Malcom felt there was a need to educate drivers on emergency response. He developed the ASERT Fire and Spills Program to ensure all drivers had the knowledge necessary to respond to any emergency situation. Northern Academy (NATT) purchased the ASERT program. Today, the ASERT Program has proven itself to be a crucial part in maintaining safety standards as well as increasing awareness on Fire and Spills safety through out many different industries. Our New Bullex Burner was purchased to offer a safe, practical and environmentally friendly option for training purposes.

To provide training to respond to any emergency


To ensure that when an emergency occurs the responder, who acts as the on scene commander, is prepared to protect life, property and the environment


To minimize the impact of the emergency by taking appropriate action in the first critical moments of the event. Reduce the number of incidents to ZERO.


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ASERT Fire Safety Certification program

The ASERT Program was developed by industry engineers to minimize the impact of a critical event and provide emergency response training to those first on the scene.