Offices: Lively, Brockville, Sault Ste. Marie, Vaughan

Confined Space Attendant

Course Outline

Delivery: 6-8 hours

Our Confined Space Attendant training includes an introduction to confined spaces, atmospheric monitoring, emergency response and an evaluation.

Training contents include:

Introduction to Confined Space Attendant – Roles and Responsibilities (General) – Roles and Responsibilities (Site Specific) – Execution of CSE Permit, Plan, Hot Work Permit and Other Documentation – Communication with Entrants – Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of exposure – Internal and External Hazards Associated with Confined Space Work Atmospheric Monitoring – Principles of Air Monitoring – Selection and Function of Proper Monitoring Equipment – Documentation of Monitor Readings – Intermittent vs. Continuous Testing During Hot Work Practices – Mechanical Ventilation Operation/Monitoring Emergency Response – Order to Evacuate / Order to Stop Work – Rescue Plan – Radio and Phone Protocol – Comprehension of Risk Assessment Evaluation – 100% attendance and participation is mandatory and vital to your success in this program. – Students must receive 80% or higher on the written exam. – Practical competency with atmospheric monitoring equipment.

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