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Confined Space Rescue Technician Level 1 Training

Confined Space Rescue Technician Level 1 training will prepare workers by providing them with the necessary skills to work safely within and around confined spaces as well as provide real-life confined space rescue training.

Confined Space Rescue Technician Level 1

Confined Space Rescue Technician Level 1 Training Course Information

The course material is based on current OSHA/ NFPA information and best practices.


3 days

Course Topics 

  • First Aid review
  • Practical and Confined Space Entry and Awareness
  • Review Equipment selection, function and use
  • Legislation, Regulations and Standards
  • Mobilization, transportation techniques
  • Safety principles, roles and responsibilities
  • Secondary back-up planning and execution
  • Incident command
  • IDLH, SCBA Donning/Doffing
  • Equipment set up, anchorage planning, inspection and maintenance
  • Post fall rescue, dealing with prolonged suspension
  • Onsite emergency situations and events
  • Mock rescue scenarios (approx. 20 throughout the course)
  • Practical training
  • Rescue simulations
  • Final evaluations


Our Confined Space program includes Provincial and Federal legislation, all applicable Regulations (O.Reg. 632/05 Confined Space and Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Part XI Confined Spaces). The course material is based on current OHSA information and best practices.

Who Requires this Training

  • Any workers who will performing Confined Space Rescue duties.

PREREQUISITES **Must have Working at Heights, Standard First Aid Certifications & Confined Space Awareness and Entry.

Course Benefits

Confined Space Rescue Technician training will provide all participants with the requirements to perform a variety of confined space rescues such as, vertical accent/descent, horizontal extractions, fire suppression (with theatrical smoke), IDLH scenarios, structural collapse search and recovery (with theatrical fog). 

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Confined Space - Awareness Training (OSHA)

Confined Space Entry - Permit Required
Confined Space Entry Awareness
Confined Space - Awareness Training (OSHA)

This lesson will present the hazards posed by confined spaces, the basic requirements for entry into a permit required confined space, and the safe practices for working in a permit required confined space.

This online Confined Space Entry Awareness course is designed to provide you with basic knowledge and training regarding confined and restricted spaces and their associated hazards

This course will focus on general safety principles and provide information that will increase your recognition of potential confined spaces, improve your knowledge of safe operations, and keep you and those around you safe.

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