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First Aid Training

NATT Safety Services, in partnership with Lifesaver 101, are pleased to be offering First Aid training in Sudbury


First aid Training includes adult, child and infant CPR.


The first aid training course offers an enthusiastic, fun, and effective approach to First Air & CPR training.


Meets and exceed the requirements of the governing body for first aid delivery organizations in the Province of Ontario.

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First Aid Training Course Outline

Emergency: one day course / Standard: two day course

– training includes adult, child and infant CPR – the recognition and treatment of airway – breathing, and cardiovascular emergencies – an full automated external defibrillators (AED) certification – choking management – management of shock, fainting and severe bleeding – management of a casualty who has been burned or poisoned, seizure or a diabetic emergency – treatment of broken bones or head or spinal injuries – safety and prevention of illness and injury


– Understand the purpose of the program and the role of a first aider. – Learn to manage an emergency medical situation using the Lifesaver 101 Rules of 123 & ABC and the 4 stages of Emergency Scene Management. – Discuss reasons people may be hesitant to administer first aid such as personal safety, legalities and lack of training. – Recognize and treat different levels of consciousness including fainting. – Recognize and treat shock. – Recognize and treat minor and severe bleeding including internal bleeding, embedded objects and amputations. – Recognize and treat medical conditions including diabetes, seizures, asthma, allergies, heart attack and stroke. – Use the Lifesaver 101 Survival Links to manage a cardiac emergency. – Recognize and treat burns. – Administer Adult, Child and infant CPR. – Demonstrate how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in a variety of scenarios. – Discuss care of maintenance of an AED. – Recognize head and spinal injuries and know when and how to move this casualty if needed. – Recognize and treat choking using the 2 step “5 & 5” rescue technique.


– Recognize and treat heat injuries – Recognize and treat cold injuries – Recognize and treat eye, ear, dental and nose injuries. – Recognize and treat for poisonings. – Recognize and treat bone and joint injuries. – Understand the guidelines for a secondary scene survey. – Understand and utilize the guidelines for triage in a multiple casualty emergency


Graduates of this program will be better equipped to anticipate and possibly prevent an accident, and confidently and effectively respond and assist in an emergency situation.

First Aid Training in Sudbury

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