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Geotab GPS Vehicle Tracking

Sophisticated Telematics Device, Advanced Vehicle Data, Premium Tracking

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HD Vehicle Incident Camera

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Active Live GPS Tracking

Provides the Industry’s Most Frequent Location Updates, Enabling Dispatchers to Immediately Identify & Resolve Problems Such as Delays, Thefts & Speeding.

For first responders, taxi companies and other fleet owners, the ability to know the live vehicle position provides a variety of competitive and bottom-line benefits. That’s why our partner Geotab, a leading global provider of end-to-end telematics technology, has announced its premium quality Active Tracking solution which provides location information faster and at a more granular level, with less data overhead than any other telematics solution currently on the market.

HD Vehicle Incident camera with Real-Time transmission of images, GPS location tracking & drive behavior data.

Benefits of our fleet camera system:

– Access footage anytime and from anywhere through mobile friendly web access
– Easily share event recordings through shareable links
– Verify safety and productivity through live streaming playback
– Ensure compliance to all company rules and policies through Geotab triggered recordings
– Reduce false claims & liability by combining analysis of historical footage and telematics data

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