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forklift training in Sudbury

Forklift Training in Sudbury

Do you require forklift training? NATT Safety Services provides monthly forklift training in Sudbury and includes both theory and practical training. Forklift Training Course Outline Delivery: Theory 3-4 Hours, the Practical demonstration and duration will vary on participant competency and skillset. The NATT Safety Services’ forklift training course provides all participants a general understanding of…
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eyewear protection

7 Best Practices for Eye Protection in the Workplace

Protecting our sight is important, and that includes working safely to ensure we protect our sight. Canada’s Occupational Health & Safety Magazine states that every day in Canada, 700 workers sustain on-the-job eye injuries. That’s a huge amount of injuries and some that may have been avoidable. Follow these tips to protect your eyes and…
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tips for working in the cold

Tips for Working Safely Outside in the Cold

Winter is here and with the extreme cold weather, you need to work safely when working outside in the cold. Make sure to prepare, dress accordingly and follow these tips to work safe. The weather brings various risks and hazards for those who are working outside. The weather can reduce productivity and may cause sickness…
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working at heights training sudbury

Complete Guide to Working at Heights Training

Are you curious about Working at Heights training, who it’s for and what is involved? Many industries and jobs require Working at Heights (WAH) training, especially in the mining, construction and pulp and paper industry. The working at heights training requirements set out in O. Reg. 213/91 came into force on April 1, 2015, requiring…
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Cannabis in the Workplace Sudbury NATT Safety Services

Cannabis in the Workplace Training Course

With the legalization of cannabis being the hot topic right now, one discussion needed is proper training of cannabis in the workplace. Our new Cannabis in the Workplace training course is now available. Cannabis Legalization Recreational cannabis has been made legal as of October 17, 2018, by the Canadian government. Ontario has laws in place about who can…
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what is a confined space

What is a confined space?

A confined space is an enclosed or partially enclosed space that is large enough for someone to enter. A confined space could be enclosed on all sides such as a tank or bin, or only two sides such as an enclosed conveyor and is not designed for continuous occupancy. Confined spaces in the workplace could post…
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Chinese Delegates Visit NATT Safety Services Training Centre

Chinese Delegates Visit NATT Safety Services Training Centre

A delegation from China visited Greater Sudbury on Wednesday, to visit and explore mining companies and service providers. Delegates included directors of the department of administration of work safety and mine managers from various mines in China. Along with other locations, the delegates made a stop to NATT Safety Services in Lively, to view their…
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Confined Space Rescue sudbury NATT Safety Services

Confined Spaces Training Centre

The term confined space is often thought of as deep mine shafts, windowless rooms, or other small, closed spaces. But confined spaces also include closed transport containers and any space where mobility could be limited, hazardous materials could be stored or transported or toxic gasses could build up. The Importance of Confined Space Training Workers…
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working at heights training expanded to southern ontario

NATT Safety Services Takes Their Working at Heights Program to Southern Ontario

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our Working At Heights training program to now include training in Southern Ontario. A partnership with Lifesaver 101 will see our CPO-approved Working At Heights program being offered in both Toronto and Pickering Lifesaver 101 locations (5324 Dundas Street West, Toronto and 1400 Baylet Street, Pickering). “We’re really…
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