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Confined Space Training Centre

Confined Space Training Centre

Confined Space Rescue sudbury NATT Safety Services

The term confined space is often thought of as deep mine shafts, windowless rooms, or other small, closed spaces. But confined spaces also include closed transport containers and any space where mobility could be limited, hazardous materials could be stored or transported or toxic gasses could build up.

The Importance of Confined Space Training

Workers who are dealing with confined spaces should be trained and qualified to enter and work in confined spaces. There are various hands-on aspects of confined spaces that workers must be fully trained on before they can enter a confined space.

Not only do workers who are entering these spaces receive training, but anyone who is working as an attendant outside of a confined space requires training.

The confined spaces training that is offered by NATT Safety Services:

Confined Space Simulator

The NATT Safety Services Training Center including a Confined Space Simulator is located at 98 Fielding Road in Lively, ON and has the capacity to host 100 students within the classroom, and two outdoor simulators for confined space and working at heights.

confined space training NATT Safety Services

Confined Space Training

Having hands-on training for confined space situations allows workers to gain skills necessary in these types of situations. It gives them some actual real-life experience that they can take with them on-site to their job, whether in mining, forestry or construction.

confined space training NATT Safety Services

The confined space simulator provides a real setting to learn about confined spaces and allows workers to get more comfortable with their gear and being inside a confined space.

During confined spaces drills, workers are timed to get on their gear, enter the space, find various objects and deal with things like noise, smoke, and barriers in the space.

NATT Safety Services provides rescue services for shutdowns within the mining, paper and forestry industries. NATT Safety Services permanent location in Lively teaches everything from confined space training to heavy equipment driving instruction.




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